Exterior Maintenance

Interior tasks such as HVAC, wall painting, and changing your cabinet setup are fairly easy to remember. Because exteriors are usually out of sight, it is easy to forget how they look. Homeowners ought to dedicate time, a little money and effort in keeping their surrounding areas clean and up their lifestyle.

Good exterior maintenance protects your property from the elements. It keeps moisture, pests, birds, rot and decays away from your home. Everything from roof inspection to filling small gaps in the walls matters, at least to keep your property in great shape regardless of the time of the year.

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Gutter Cleaning & Repair

C.H.R Home Improvement render gutter cleaning and repair services, which involves removing the leaves, twigs and sedimentations that could redirect rainwater to the foundation of your home. If your gutter has been damaged by wind, ice or fallen tree limbs, we will fix it for you.

If you want to install gutter guards to eliminate the necessity of seasonal cleaning the drainages seasonally, we got you covered. With experienced technicians to work with, you can complete that robust to-do list.

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Preparing For Bad Weather

You can never prevent extreme weathers, but you can prepare for them. While you protect yourself with sweatshirts, earmuffs and gloves, what is your home using to withstand the harsh reality? Be it the hottest summer, the coldest winter or the wateriest spring, your home needs to be weatherproof to avoid damage.

We can add proper insulation to your home to prevent electrical issues like blowouts and even sudden snow-powered shocks. We will inspect your roof to ensure there is no room for leaks. Because your gutter guards are important for winters, we will help you install or repair them. Don’t forget your fireplace needs to be in perfect working condition too.

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Window & Door Weatherstripping

Your windows and doors connect your home to the outside, and vice versa. During extreme weathers, you may notice that they are not as fortified as they need to be. But, not to worry, because that is why there is such a thing as weatherstripping. It protects our living space from drafts and energy loss through these openings.

You need to ensure you are supporting a sturdy exterior by checking and updating the weatherstripping of all your exits. Depending on when last you had them inspected, repaired or installed, you may have to remove old weatherstripping and use a new material for stronger protection.

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Painting & Remodelling

Perhaps you want to favour a more personal or trendier exterior design. Say no more. From painting to landscaping and remodelling to resurfacing, C.H.R Improvement got you covered. As you may already know, changing things up on your property increases its value, elongates its life and betters the health of the occupants.

We will repair your window screens, clean your driveways and walkways, mend your fences, attend to your HVAC, de-termite your home and fill in your low yards, among many other services we render.

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