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Painting Services

Adding tha fresh paint coast to the exterior and/or interior of your home has the potential to make a significant difference when it is completed by a team who knows how to do its job.

Whether you are just sprucing things up or want to give both the inside and outside a full makeover, Complete Home Remodeling’s residential and commercial painting services provide the best quality results for your mini and major renovation project.

Our company believes that our clients come first, so we make it a priority to deliver top-level service. If you want things on time, detailed to taste and within a particular budget, we are the best plug for that task.

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Exterior Home Painting

You may not have the money to completely redo your home, but you can surely change how it looks from the outside. The process starts with a color consultation, where most of our clients are swept off their feet with what we can actually do with different palettes.

If you want to make your home appear larger, a light color will do the trick. In the same ways, some particular colors make houses look rustic, elegant or cozy. With a litany of options to choose from and our team being in the business for years, there’s nothing stopping us from giving you confident recommendations.

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Interior Home Painting

Well, interior painting is more of an art, a form of expression that has to be developed until perfection.

While some of our clients have a color in mind, we do offer expert advice on the perfect palettes for the space. After color consultations, we prepare the walls by caulking any gaps in order for the paint to stand the test of time.

Don’t worry about your furniture, because we will take the necessary steps to protect them from stain and possible damage.

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Painting Professionals

By hiring professional painters or home improvement experts for exterior and interior painting of your home, you will insure a beautiful result for years to come!

We handle our projects with the highest quality materials, tools and training for prepping, delivering and finishing your home interior/exterior painting project.


Painting Projects


We only utilize top tier materials and construction methods to provide you with a lasting solution that will look great for years to come


Complete Home Remodeling has been serving Montgomery County and Greater Houston since 2011


We offer an industry leading warranty on all of our work and projects. Rest assured knowing you went with the best!

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