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To most people, the kitchen is actually the heart of the home. You want the central space of your home to not only be inviting but also customized to meet some of your specific lifestyle needs. At Complete Home Remodeling Home Improvement, we offer different kitchen remodeling services to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Whether you are scouting for a contemporary, industrial, minimalistic, mid-century or modern appeal for your kitchen space, every project begins with noting your ideas and turning them into realities.

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Cabinet Painting

Cabinet refinishing lets you change how your cabinets look and gives you the opportunity to change the hardware into the most stylish and on-demand types.  That is where refacing comes in, which is less expensive than a full replacement.

Cabinet repainting is the most effective way to restyle your cabinet system. If you like your current layout and do not want to part with the hardware, repainting the cabinet can help you create a new look and feel. After being removed, sanded, primed and painted, you will be surprised at the drastic change it can create!

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Kitchen Flooring

If you have great cabinetry and do not mind retaining your countertops, you can change the contrast of the kitchen to match them more. All kitchen flooring options offer just about any color, but there are pros and cons to each. Our kitchen remodeling professionals would help you choose the best based on your style and needs.

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Changing Your Countertops

Being that countertops are the headquarters of any kitchen, swapping them out for more sophisticated ones would go a long way to change the look of the space.  If you have already changed up the cabinetry and flooring, but still feel like it needs dramatic pop, replacing the countertops can do just that.

There are numerous options for you to choose from. Solid stones such as granite, engineered stone such as quartz, tile and concrete, or hard woodworks are the best you can get. But, again, while the choice is yours we are here to help with the overall function and design.

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Increase Kitchen Storage

Installing shelves and drawers that can adjust, swivel and extend as needed will be helpful for cooking utensils and appliances of different shapes and sizes.

To save drawer space, you might want to consider installing a rack to hang your pots and pans from the ceiling or above the sink. Magnetic strips for knives also work as a hygienic method to clear up counter space for mixers, juicers and blenders.

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