Fence Installation & Repair

C.H.R. Home Improvement offers professional fence repair and installation services. From anything as simple as chain link fence fixes to heavy-duty tasks like full-on privacy fence installations, our team of experienced craftsmen are committed to helping you build as well as maintain your property’s perimeter. Regardless of the size or material of your fence, our experts will work with you to keep your home secure and private.
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Why Should You Leave Your Fence Repair / Installation To The Pros?

Proper Equipment

Getting the right tools is vital for any major project, more so one supposed to make your home’s perimeter private and secure. Moreover, different types of fencing materials require different equipment for them to be installed properly.

Except you are the kind of DIYs or a fence installation and repair expert yourself, leaving the task to the pros is the best way to keep costs minimal and avoid mistakes. Additionally, hiring a professional won’t cost you more time, effort, and a project that is below par.

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Avoid Legal Problems

Accidentally installing a fence a few inches over your property line can birth a legal puzzle, and only a few things could be more frustrating than trying to turn things around. Once that illegally-placed fence is discovered by your neighbour, they could demand that you move it or even drag you to court for trespassing.

If things go south, a hostile situation and ruined neighbourly relationship can hardly be avoided. But when you work with fence installation professionals, they make sure to meet any permitting requirements for your area. They know all the dos and don’ts of such projects and would eliminate any chance of getting into a legal battle. Reputable companies will take care of every detail before the work starts.

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Add Value To Your Property

Fencing is a project with the potential of adding value to your piece of real estate, whether you are replacing an old one or doing it for the first time. Not only will it improve the security of your home and increase your curb appeal, but fencing will also make the property more attractive to potential buyers, especially the ones with kids and pets.

The height of the fence, the size of the fenced-in area and the quality of materials employed all work to determine how much the property’s value will increase. If you have intentions of selling the house soon, it would be best to let the fence installer know before the project commences. Then, they would know the design features that best would capture buyers.
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Pronto Completion

DIYing your fence installation or repair is like trying to knock out an elephant by throwing punches at it; incredibly time-consuming, not to mention pointless in some instances. Rather than physically taxing yourself and realizing botched results in a longer time, working with a crew of experts can literally bang out the project in less than a day.

By working with professionals, you reduce the stress of going back and forth to correct mistakes, not to mention spending extra money and waiting for longer.

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